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April 15 2004

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Blame it on the Bot

I'd like to congratulate the team at Kinja on putting together one of the most accessible and intuitive web sites I've visited in a long time. In the last few days I've used it on-and-off, just out of interest, and I've been pleasantly impressed. Even though they haven't really produced a new product as-such, I'd still consider what they've done to be innovative, just for the fact that they took a broken product and fixed it. Everything is just where it needs to be.

One thing I wasn't so pleased with was the Kinja robot. It's decided to hammer my site looking for my RSS/Atom feed in what looks like a random fashion. I'd say it was guessing the location, if it was human.

After letting Meg know about the problem over iChat, I was told "your markup is really nice, so I'm surprised the parser isn't succeeding with the straight html", she added later, "hopefully we'll get this fixed". I hope they fix it too, for it would be a shame to block the robot for its bad behaviour.

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