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The Periodical Returns
> written 09/02/04. 7 comments.

I'm back from my holidays (editor's note: his holidays. I've been working on this...). Did you miss me?

I've been written up from scratch (save a file or two) and am now one-hundred and ten percent better. Guaranteed or your money back. I'm more efficient, more extensible, much faster and I'd like to think I've lost a pound or two in the process (editor's note: I have if he hasn't...).

So what can you expect from the all new zlog? Quite a lot actually. It really does have "loads of great new features". Like RSS feeds for every page, a new design (well, --ish) and much more streamlined and functional code -- we got rid of the nasty Perl! Plus there are a few upcoming features that are a little hush-hush at the moment, but trust me, I think you'll like them.

Most of the other improvements are benefits for myself. The whole site is now governed by a single template; not a template for each page-type, Movable Type style. This will allow me to deploy site wide changes much more easily and I can only assume will entice me to do so more often. Stupid things like changing the order of navigation items or the wording of the copyright can now be done in five seconds instead of the usual five minute slog as I pace through Movable Type template after Movable Type template. Not that I'm bitter or anything.

I'm a little bare at the moment (and sans-syndicate-able) but as the weeks progress things should start slotting in to place. Literally.

Special thanks to Jesper, Daniel and Jez.



Aye, Jesper speaks correctly.

Firefox (aka Firebird aka Phoenix aka ...) displays the site sans-adverts. Something that might be welcomed by the average zlog reader but isn't so good for the average zlog owner.

Do you think that I could sue Mozilla for lost revenue?

(I don't think I need to clarify that I'm joking, ok?)


It's actually still there, it just doesn't show up in Firefox. How rare.

David House:

No more Google adverts! :)


Love it. Removing the advertisements is a major, major plus. Keep working on that stylesheet.


looks good


Looking good so far, Ronan. I'm waiting to see more improvements ;)



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