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Myths of Web Standards
> written 09/09/03. no comments.

To set a few things straight, I present the "Myths of Web Standards":

  1. You mustn't use tables.

    Considering the amount of times people request help in converting tabular data into div's etc. on CSS-Discuss, I would imagine quite a few people don't realise that you should still use tables for tabular data -- just not for layout purposes (unless you are Zeldman that is).
  2. You must use the latest version of XHTML.

    Quite a few people have been bitten by this one, make sure you aren't by using any version of HTML or XHTML you feel comfortable with, just make sure it validates.
  3. Just because your site validates doesn't mean it is semantically correct.

    See Zeldman and co. for details on this one.
  4. If your site doesn't validate it is the end of the world.

    Sometimes it's just not possible to make every one of your pages validate or even any of them, don't worry it's the trying that counts (and do keep trying).
  5. Standards compliant sites must be ugly.

    Whoever thinks that must be really, really dumb. No more needs to be said.
Forward on the truth, lets have no more Chinese whispers.


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